Feeling Organized!

I love the feeling of being organized.  Knowing that things have their place and can easily be found just makes me feel happy.  Today I woke up and started looking at the pile of not so organized items I've collected since starting this journey of bloggin' and TpT creating and well, truth be told I haven't really been all that organized.  Instead I have placed things I've created, notes I've jotted down, and resources I've referred to, in a few messy piles.  Here's what my bench looked like this morning after just 3 weeks.

And here's what it looks like now!

The last three weeks I have watched my collection of mess grow and I finally decided that I needed to get organized before it gets worse!  I don't know about you but when I organize ANYTHING first it just gets messier and then gradually gets better.  Please tell me this is true for you too?  I remember one time before winter break I had decided to clean out a few boxes in my classroom that had gotten a bit disorganized during the first half the year.  The first thing I did was dump everything out of all the boxes. It was a mess!  It looked like I had just let my students go wild that day.  But really, by emptying all the boxes out I was able to sort alike items, trash unneeded things, and then reorganize the boxes so that everything had a place.  Did it take time? Yes.  When I first emptied the boxes did I think " what am I doing?" Yes.  But by the time I was done I felt happy, relieved, and satisfied!  

After looking at my mess today, my goal was to create a teacher binder where I could keep my calendar, pacing guide, lesson plans, resources,  standards, and TpT ideas.  As well as start a file box to store my creations, activities I like, and resources for the year.  While back in the states I did have a few file boxes of a mash of things, however when we moved here to the UK I didn't bring it all with me.  Although a little sad by this, I kinda like the idea that this is a "fresh start"  in the sense that it is a box for this current year and with not only my favorite resources that I've purchased but also those that I have created.  So with those goals I got to work.

First I decided to make a teacher binder.  To do this I went searching on TpT for binder covers.  I found these great FREE black and white themed covers by Angeline Stewart from The First Grade Scoop. (Click Here to grab them from her Store) The great thing about these covers is that they are editable!  After downloading, I jotted down the binder titles I wanted, then got to work editing these covers to fit my needs.  I changed the font she used to "Every Time I miss You" by kevinandamanda.com but kept the rainbow coloring - too cute!  Here's a look at my binder.

I'm so glad I did this!  I just know it will keep me focused and on track.  

Next it was time to organize my activities for the year.  To get started, I grabbed a file box, file folders, and markers.  I then created main files for each month of the school year, and in each month placed week/theme folders. I figure this will allow me to organize activities by week for the entire year.  I also added subject tabs at the back as a place to store my favorite ideas, that way if I come to a week/theme I can look there first to see if I have any ideas I want to pull and if not they will have a place to be just in case I want them for a different week or another year.  Although this box is nothing fancy I like that now I have a place to store my creations and as it is Friday I feel satisfied that this mess is cleaned up and I am now ready to enjoy the weekend!  Now, I just have to make sure I don't open my clothes closet... Ha-Ha

Happy Friday!

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