Peek at My Week (4)

What a beautiful Sunday morning it is here in England.  Cool, brisk, clear, and SUNNY! Hooray! I'm enjoying my cup of decaf coffee and a slice of homemade banana bread.  Perfect way to start my day.   How are you starting your Sunday morning?   

Over here at Lattes and Lunchrooms were heading into what would be week 4 of kindergarten.  Well, actually more like week 3 as the first week was only 2 days.  Anyway this week's plans are starting to show things springing into full action.  The goal this week would be to have all literacy must do and literacy centers running, as well as morning and math tubs.  I know if this were really happening it might not would not all work out perfectly but hey it'd be the first full go.  The week's theme is "My Family."  In the plans we'd spend the week talking about our own families, working on family centers, and discussing how families are alike and different.  For writing workshop we'd discuss the "when I'm done poster" and practice using this chart in our writing folders.  In math we'd continue working with numbers 1-10, focusing on counting objects and seeing parts of the whole.  

Here's a look at my plans. Do you notice anything different?  I'm dabbling with inserting pictures and links to resources I'd use.  BUT I didn't quite figure out how to add the image so you can download and actually click the links.... so I've listed them at the end of the post. (Sorry still learning haha) Something I will work on.  I know it has to do with google docs but can't quite get it right.
Here ya go!

To compliment this weeks plans I thought it'd be fun to have students complete a simple house craft that could be displayed side-by-side drawings of their families.  Here's where I got the idea: http://rudyandthedodo.com/2013/04/20/craft-express-cardboard-houses/  These are adorable, funky, and fun!  Instead of cardboard I'd use scrapbook paper and I'd just let the students go to town creating their own little house.  I'd of course give examples and discuss how to cut "shapes" that'd help them to form their house but I'd want this to be a light, personal project.  Here's a quick example of how they might turn out.  Note- I've used just a few resources I had around the house and of course there's no cute kid touch.  When doing this with a class I'd have a lot more selection of patterns for them to choose from.

Happy Sunday!

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