"Brush Away the Germs!" - Dental Health Themed Fun

Hey guys! I've got a FREE printable and activity for you today! This one is dental health themed for the month of February and I'm so excited (and know your littles will be too) because it involves shaving cream!

Let's just call this "Brush Away the ______!" Fill that blank in with alphabet letters, numbers, colors, sight words, you name it and you've got yourself a low prep activity that can be modified for different ability levels.

To set up this activity you'll need to print this FREE sheet, then laminate it or put it in a dry erase pouch. Next pair it with a dry erase marker, a toothbrush, some shaving cream, a small old towel, and a cup of water.

Once you've got everything set out you are set to go! Sit with your little one and use the dry erase marker to write a letter on the tooth. Have them identify the letter name and sound then let them "brush away the plaque" using a little bit of shaving cream and the toothbrush. Once the letter is gone wipe away the excess shaving cream and play again!

If you want to make it more independent add a set of letter, number, sight word, or color cards and have your little one pick a card, draw or write what's on the card on the tooth, then "brush" it away. 

This activity is so fun and I love how you can use it across subject areas! Grab the FREE printable HERE and be sure to tag me on Instagram @lattesandlunchrooms to let me know how it goes!


6 Ways to use Mini Heart Containers

Have you seen the adorable mini heart containers at Walmart in the Valentine's Day section?! 

They are so cute and CHEAP, I'm talking $1.98 for 12 so you know I scooped them up because my brain was just racing with ideas of how I could use them at home or in the classroom.  Today I want to share with you SIX ideas (and a few freebies) for how to use these heart containers this February!

Needing a little letter recognition practice? Fill each plastic heart container with a magnetic letter.  Then print off this FREE alphabet chart and have your kiddos pick a heart, open it up, identify and name the letter, then match it to the correct letter on the chart. Super simple! In the download I've also included an uppercase and lowercase tracing page which could be substituted for the alphabet chart if you want to include handwriting practice and they're perfect to use as a recording sheet for centers.

Heart stamping is so much fun and is perfect for creating Valentine's day cards, gifts, or even student Valentine's card bags! Grab a few of your favorite holiday paint colors then use the bottoms of the heart containers as stamps. Works so well!

We LOVE sensory bins over here so I added these heart containers to one of our February bins. They are perfect for scooping and pouring!

This next activity focuses on counting and writing numbers 1-12. Label each heart container with a number 1-12 (use dot stickers if you want to remove them later or a Sharpie for longer keep). Then fill each heart with a different number of heart counters. I used heart candies, but you could use any small heart items (mini erasers, print outs, plastic hearts). Have your kiddo pick a heart then count to tell how many. Click Here to grab the printable recording sheet.

I don't know about your kids, but mine have always been fans of dice games. For this activity add a die to a heart container then have students shake the heart. When they open it they can count to tell how many and color that many hearts. If you want to add in some addition practice place out two heart containers to shake. Grab the FREE printables HERE!

And lastly, the 4 different colored heart containers in this set are perfect for making patterns. I separated the tops and bottoms to create 24 hearts then had my little one create patterns. She LOVE it! This printable is also part of the FREE download HERE.

Do you have these containers? Let me know if you have any other fun ideas for how to use them. Happy Teaching!


2D Shape Penguin {FREEBIE}

Happy Friday Friends!
Man, it seems like this week has been LONG!!! HA!
 Here in California we've just had rainy day after rainy day and this sunshine gal is over it!  Next week the sun is back and I'm so glad because the gloom really messes with my mood.

This week the girls and I chatted about penguins so I wanted to share this adorable 2D Shape Penguin with you for FREE!  Are you chatting about penguins in class?  I know my kiddos loved learning about these silly birds.

For this craft I just printed the templates on coordinating colored construction paper, cut out the shapes, then set out my model and let this little one get her glue on!

As she picked up each shape we chatted about the shape name and then at the end we counted how many of each shape we used.

This craft would be so cute added to a bulletin board accompanied by some penguin writing!  Grab it by clicking on any image in this post.  Happy Teaching!


Winter Name Activity

In preschool, children learn to recognize, spell, and write their own names.  This is a BIG early literacy goal and acts as a springboard for all kinds of learning.

Today I want to share an easy, hands on winter name activity that is perfect for little ones at home or school.  I call this SNOWY NAMES and it can be done 3 different ways.  For each version you will need a sheet of blue paper with each child's name written or printed out on it.

Snowy Marshmallow Names

This first version is favorite because it involves FOOD!  Have each child outline their name with Elmer's glue and then stick on mini marshmallows to form each letter.  Be sure to set aside a few extra marshmallows for your kiddos to snack on while they work.  ;)

Snowy Dot Sticker Names

In this version give each child a few sheets of plain white dot stickers then have them peel and stick them to form each letter.  I found the dot stickers at the dollar store, but binder reinforcement stickers would work great too.  Using stickers is a great way to build fine motor skills.

Snowy Cotton Ball Painting

If you don't mind a little mess this version is super fun!  Pull out the white paint, add some cotton balls, and clothespins then let your little one get busy forming the letters in their name by painting and dabbing snowy dots.

And while this activity looks like play, these simple name activities provide lots of learning too!  Don't forget to chat about letter names, letter sounds, how a capital goes at the beginning of a name, the proper way to form letters etc.  Learning is FUN!  
Which activity is your favorite?

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