Letter Crafts!

Hey Everyone!

As I was forward planning I was looking at what letter crafts I wanted to do.   I like letter crafts to be easy to prep and simple enough that the students can make them in a short amount of time.  Right now on my weekly plans I have it scheduled to do one letter craft a week and this will be completed on the first day of each week.  I am focusing on uppercase letters for this craft. I like the idea that this is just another opportunity to reinforce letter shape and letter sound, but also that it is a craft which can and will be turned into a take home book after 26 school weeks.  I just know students will love it!

I came across a ton of ideas for letter crafts on Pinterest.  I mean really, there are so many sites/blogs out there that have great ideas.  So which ones should I do?   Well, as of now I'm not fully decided on  what craft I will do for each of the 26 letters but I did find a great website that has a section all about letter crafts and provides numerous ideas for each letter.  The site is called No Time for Flash Cards and the letter of the week ideas can be found here: 

Here's an example of my Letter A Craft
A is for Alligator

Each student needs:
- 1 green Letter A sheet with pre-cut hole
- 1 piece of blue construction paper 
- 2 goggly eyes
- A small square of white paper

* Simplest way to make a Letter A cut out is to trace/write an uppercase A on a piece of copy paper. Then make class copies of this on green construction paper.

Simple & Fun!

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