Writing Folders!

As I am thinking about what I use or need during the beginning of a school year I began thinking about writing workshop.  Do you follow some type of writing workshop model?  I know I have and I love it!  I really enjoy watching my students build a love of writing and I am a firm believer that the writing workshop model helps to do this.  It provides students with a number of opportunities to write in different genres, helps them to fully understand the writing process, and builds their confidence in writing!  It is always a thrill to wrap up workshop time by listening to students share out their accomplishments for the day.

When I run my writing workshop I follow the traditional model of a Mini Lesson, Guided or Independent Writing, and Share Out.  This model stays consistent day to day and it is something that the students come to expect and enjoy.  As part of workshop each student is given a writing folder at the beginning of the year which THEY LOVE!  I am always sure to brag about MY own writing folder and they too become proud owners of theirs.   This folder includes items they can use for reference as well as being a place to keep their "still working" and finished work.  Do you use writing folders?

Here is a look at how I prepare my writing folders to start the school year.  

1. I start by printing out my writing folder resource kit (found here) and your basic 3 prong folder.  I add a shipping label to the cover with a student name.

2. When you open the folder you will see that I label the inside left pocket with "still working" in green and on the first page I insert a page protector with my "Writer's Checklist Sheet."

3. The next sheets in page protectors are my "When I'm done Chart" and "Alphabet Chart."

4.  Then I include a "Helpful Words" chart and the next page is where students will keep their mini word walls for reference.

5.  This is the mini word wall continued and I label the right back pocket in red with "finished" as will be the place students put pages they have completed.

How do you set up your writing folders?


  1. I like how you use the middle section as a resource for your students. I've usually created a writing office and then a writing folder. Might need to try that sometime! In the past, I've used the middle section for their best work. Each month they go through their pieces of work and choose 3 that they feel is their best work. It was a great experience at the end of the school year to go through their folder to see their growth as a writer all in one place.
    Thanks for sharing your folder - great ideas! :)

  2. The link took me to a back to school list instead of the writing folder. I really like the way you set the folders up!

    1. Hi Terri! I am so sorry I never replied to your comment or fixed the link. It is now fixed! As a way to apologize I'd love to send you my Writing Folder Resources set for FREE! Please message me your e-mail or leave an additional comment here and I will send it your way. The product has been updated since this post and is even better! Thank you so much!

    2. what is the link for the writing folder resources that has been updated? also the sheet with helpful words do you have a link for it?

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