Tidbit Tuesday: Bought TPT Products!

Hello All!  I am so happy right now because I just made some great TPT product purchases.  Seriously it feels like Christmas morning!  I decided to share my excitement here because my husband didn't quite share in the joy with me. He's a little more concerned about how much I spent to get them. HaHa

  Anyway if you've been following along you know that at the moment I'm living in the UK and due to various reasons/opinions I'm not currently in the classroom. (sniff*)  Instead I'm taking a break to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity that the Mr. and I are blessed to take part in.  With that being said I do have a bit of free time in between our travel adventures and for that reason I thought this was the perfect time for me to actually start my teaching blog and begin creating my very own TPT products! I am so excited that I have started this process and as I am learning I am realizing that, to make what I want or will need, I have to purchase clipart, graphics, and fonts that can be used in my creations!

So this morning I took some time to jot down some ideas for what I want to create and then searched TPT for products that will help me to create them.  So with that be on the look out because I am in creation mode and will have up some new freebies/products in the near future!

P.S. - I am also happy because I finally received some feedback on a few of my freebies!  ALL feedback is appreciated: good or bad!  This can only help me learn and get better! If you haven't checked out my "mini" store click here and be sure to check back in the future because I'm just getting started.
I mentioned above that the Mr. and I are traveling while living in the UK...as way to document our adventures and share with our families where we've gone I have been keeping a personal blog at: smallmomentsbigadventures.blogspot.com. It's not a fancy blog by any means but feel free to check it out!


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