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How do you display your behavior management resources?

 When I was looking at classroom set ups I was reminded how when I taught kindergarten I wanted ONE place of reference for my students to look to for expectations/behaviors. (Maybe I'm a little late haha ) But prior to this discovery, like many of you, I'd displayed various behavior charts and posters about the room but I decided what I really wanted was one wall "so to speak"  where all the information could be found.  So I came up with "Check Point"  a bulletin board where I can display my class rules, behavior chart, voice level expectation, social goal, daily schedule etc.  This board is a great tool because all I have to mention is "Check Point" and it allows students to look directly to this board.  Here's a look at some examples for how it could be used.

Example 1: During Daily 5 you are working with a small group when you notice the class volume level is getting a little loud. You simply ring a bell and announce “Check Point, Voice Levels” Students look to the wall, find the voice level number, and show it on their fingers.

Example 2: During centers little Tommy and little Nikki are beginning to argue over the blocks.  The teacher walks over and quietly says to them “Check Point, Social Goal” at this time the two students would walk over to the check point wall and check the “social goal” chart which says sharing. Thus providing them with a gentle reminder of what is expected. (The social goal would have previously been taught about using s t-chart with what it looks like and sounds like – I’d add this to my “Check Point” wall)

Example 3: During morning meeting a number of students are acting up: calling out, getting up, not following directions etc.  You simply say to the entire class “Check Point, Rules” and at that time all students turn to the “Check Point” wall to go over class rules.

I finally created a set of resources that I can use for my own "Check Point" wall and I couldn't be happier out how they turned out.  I really think this will be a great way to increase positive behaviors and I can't wait to put in my own classroom one day!  

All of the resources above are available for purchase in my TPT STORE here.  You can buy them for a deal as a bundle or each separately. :)

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