Relaxin' Saturday

Hi All!  It's Saturday and that means you either just finished your first week back or are crazily preparing to start with your kiddos very soon, but either way I hope it means you are relaxing?! A little bit?!  You're probably thinking, "ya right."  But truly you work so hard that it is important to be sure to take time to just sit and relax!  Today I did just that!  Well kinda... 

Here in the UK the weather has been so-so.  Today it was about 60 degrees, a little breezy, with on and off random rain showers.   Now I know to some that may sound great but as a California girl sometimes all I want is sun and more sun so the short not so summer we are having is not really to my liking.  Anyway the hubs and I will be going to Norway next weekend (SO EXCITED)  so today we decided to take it easy.  

What does that mean to us?  Well today it meant sleeping in until about 7:00am, leisurely enjoying some cinnamon roll pancakes,  heading to the gym, the grocery store, and bank, then sitting down to enjoy a nice cream tea at a great farm, chatting with friends and family, a little teacher thinking, and wrapping up the day with a BBQ steak dinner.  I love days like today!  I not only feel accomplished but also relaxed! And I'm writing this mini post and then off to sit and enjoy one of my favorite shows, Suits!  If you haven't seen this I highly recommend it! 

 So here is to a Happy Saturday full of joy and at least a little relaxation! Cheers!

Also I got my new glasses?! What do ya think?

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