Peek at my Week!

It's Monday and my husband thinks I'm crazy!

This morning I woke up at 6am saying "That's it, I have to do it, I have to create weekly plans just as if I'm teaching, that way I have things I want to blog about, think of things I want to create, and share ideas that aren't all over the place!"  (If it's your first time here, I'm not currently in the classroom, read my About Me section for my info)  So what did I do?  I got up, had my green smoothie, my decaf coffee, and pulled out all my planning materials from years past.  Basically I made a huge mess!  But now 9 hours later I am starting to feel a little accomplished.  Although I have yet to actually get out of my pjs. ha-ha

Alright so first things first, I have decided to focus on kindergarten for this "mock" year and for that reason my weekly plans and ideas will be based on this grade.  I started by creating a general pacing guide and then worked on creating my first week of school plans.  These plans are created just as if I am going to teach them.  I forgot how much work it is to do this!  Yikes!  Luckily all my past materials helped me out a great deal and you've got to love pinterest in helping to find examples.  Now this is a first draft and just like if I were teaching in the classroom it could change at anytime, however it will be nice to make sure my teacher brain is on and thinking.  Already after making this first full week plan my brain was doing just as any teachers would: 
1. I searched tpt for products I'd want to buy and use.
2.  If I couldn't find things I loved on TPT I put them on a list as things I want to create now or later.
3. I envisioned each entire day in my head debating if this schedule would really work.
4.  I wrote out a list of Literacy Centers & Math Centers & Supplies I'd need
5. I read through my writing workshop first week lessons
6. I thought about my theme for the week and how to tie things together

But I am happy because it means that I am thinking like a teacher.  Wahoo!  I plan to continue this for the entire school year and really think it will help me a lot! (and I hope maybe it will help you too) So with that here is my very first "Peek at my Week."

Also this is the first time I have ever made my weekly plans on the computer! Normally my plans are chicken scratch in a plan book so I am very proud of how these babies turned out! I used PowerPoint to create the layout.  This is the first two days and then the first full week.

What do you think?!  

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