I'm so excited!

"I'm so excited, I just can't hide it...."
Do you know the words?  Sing along with me!  Ok, enough I won't bore you with my singing but truly I am so gosh darn excited right now.  If you've read my about me section you know that I've created this blog to help me stay in the loop on all things I love, as well as push me to create my very own products!  So today I have been doing just that!  

I have been googling, video watching, clip art searching, and attempting to create my very first TpT freebie!  I started on this goal awhile back but I didn't really get very far so last night I sat down and I really got to work.  My goal is to post it tomorrow?!  Eeeek! Truly though I think I am crazy because I have been getting so excited over all the small things I have done.  I mean I learned how to download a new font and screamed.  But in all seriousness creating a TpT is not as easy as one might think (cough,cough) and I am so happy that I am starting to learn how to do this!

Here are a few links that I used today to help get me started.  And I know I have nothing to show yet but I truly feel like I'm loving this and am ready to give it a go.  As I said I've started this adventure in hopes of beginning something I've wanted to do since I began teaching 4 years ago.  So here's to starting!

Tools I Found Helpful

1. This video tutorial is by the fabulous Mrs.Stanford from http://mrsstanfordsclass.blogspot.co.uk. She does a great job at explaining how to create a basic TpT product using PowerPoint.  She makes it seem so simple and she is so amazing she even has another video tutorial on how to save your file securely as a PDF. (LIFESAVER)

2. Tpt is another great place to look for helpful tips on how to set up your product store and includes details of all kinds.  Just go to this link  https://support.teacherspayteachers.com and you will see a list of items on your left-hand side.  Choose a category that fits what you're looking for and do some reading.

3. Scared of Copyrights?  I know that's one thing that I want to make sure I DO correctly. Here is a great free TpT Resource by Margaret Whisnant.

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