Blast from the Past: Classroom Set Up

HI All!  So glad you have made your way over to check out my blog.  I have to tell you I think I am starting this blog at the PERFECT time!  Why you may ask?  Well, because most of you have either just started, or will be starting shortly, the 2014 -2015 school year.  Eeeeek!  How exciting, stressful, fun, worrisome, blissful, tiresome - fill in your adjective!  But either way a new school year brings an array of emotions and one of my absolute favorite things is to blog stalk pictures of your newly cleaned, prepped, and prepared classrooms.  

I LOVE setting up a classroom for the first day of school and although I am missing out on it this year I thought I'd share a few pics of my classrooms from previous years.  Be warned I was a new teacher and very overwhelmed by the start of the school year so 1. The pictures aren't all that great (I was using an i-phone 4 camera  2. I didn't really take a lot of pictures of my rooms as I guess I just forgot (I totally regret this) and 3.  If setting up this year, it'd be completely different and I WOULD actually remember to take pictures.  But I know I love seeing other bloggers post pics of their classrooms so thought I'd share what I do have.  What does your classroom look like this year?
*Be Warned it's not your eyes the picture are a little blurry.

First Grade 2011-2012:  This was my second year teaching.  I tried an Ocean Theme!

Kindergarten 2012-2013: I actually really like how this room turned out.  It was suppose to be "homey."  Sadly I don't have pictures of what it was like when it was All the way done.  On the back wall I hung real empty wooden frames that I used throughout the year to hang student work in. 
This is before (EMPTY/NOTHING) and then the work in progress.

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