All About Me

Hey All!  
I’m Kelly. 
I'm a wife to my hunky husband.
I'm a primary school teacher on a break.
I'm a full time Mommy.
I'm a born and raised Southern California girl.
I have traveled to 21 countries.
I love reading blogs and browsing Pinterest.
I enjoy a good workout.
I need a warm cuppa in the morning.
I LOVE my family and friends.
I am a blogger and proud "TPT-er"
I am HAPPY you are HERE!

ME!  Book Character Day!  Who am I?

The hunky husband and I :)

My baby girl Riley!

I lived in England for 3 years.

My AMAZING family and friends!


  1. Just came across your blog on the Pinterest link up. It's adorable! I'm from San Diego. It's been 80 all week! I'm sure you're missing the sun right about now. One of my besties from CA is teaching math in London. It's sounds very different over there! Have fun!


    1. Hi Katie! So glad you stopped by! I have heard about the glorious SD weather and I am missing it! That for sure is one of the things I miss most, but the hubs and I are having so much fun traveling and are excited because we are expecting our first little one this August! How neat that your friend is here in London! Have you been to visit yet? And yes the teaching style is a little bit different but I think as educators we can learn and grown from our experiences. :) Hope the school year is going well! I'm about to hop on over and check out your blog too!

  2. Hi Kelly! I saw your post of the forums about your new blog and the contest so I thought I'd check out your new blog...WOW! I have a blog on BlogSpot too but I really need make more of an effort to post. I noticed above that you are due in August...great month to have a birthday, but I'm a little biased.

    Best wishes!
    Matt @ Surviving Social Studies

  3. Thanks for stopping by Matt! Yes, I'm due in August with our first little one. Ahhh I'm so excited and I think August is a pretty good month too! I hope you entered the contest if you wanted and if not be sure to spread the word to those who'd be interested. Summer is a great time for makeovers. :)

  4. Hi, Kelly! Thanks for recently linking up your FREEBIES with me! Love your store! I'm also due in August and love to travel! :) Do you know if you're having a girl or a boy? My husband and I have traveled to England, France, Rome, and Spain together! Europe is such a beautiful place to visit.

    -Ha :)
    Happy Days in First Grade

    1. Hey there!
      Thank you so much for hosting the FREEBIE link up! And for taking the time to check out my store and blog. Ahhh! Can you believe August is here next week? What is your due date? I'm due August 2nd with a baby girl. We are super excited and just twiddling our thumbs as we wait in anticipation for her arrival! Do you know what you are having? And I agree Europe is beautiful and has so much to see! So glad you have messaged me!


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