TPT Seller Challenge Week 3: Make your Masterpiece

This week the TPT Seller Challenge is encouraging the sellers to make a NEW masterpiece!  I had just started working on this little idea so I thought I'd finish it up for the challenge.  

When I was in the classroom I always liked to collect a monthly writing sample from students.  After grading the sample, I'd store it in a large file box and then send home the samples at the end of the school year, almost as a keepsake of the progress each student had made.  I always remember scrambling at the end of the year to put together some type of folder so that the papers weren't just astray so I wanted to create something that would help organize this process from the start.

This here is a monthly writing portfolio.  It can be pre-made at the beginning of the year and then is set to go for each month.  Wahoo!  The folder includes a cover page, writing rubric, school to home sheet (I thought it'd be a nice way to communicate with parents monthly), a student self check strip, a teacher rubric/comment strip and monthly writing pages.  Here are a few photos to show you what I'm talking about.

I really like things that can be organized from the start of the school year and this is just one other thing that could be prepped now and ready to go!  It's posted in my store HERE and will be 50% for the next 24 hours!

Hooray for the hosts of the TPT Seller Challenge for pushing me to get er' done!


  1. This is awesome! I love the little self checks and rubrics too!

    Sparkling in Second

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  3. Oh. My. Word! I love this! It is SO thorough and such a great plan! I am moving to 4th grade next year and have been warned over and over that it is SO writing intensive. I'm going to need you to make one for big kids! LOL. I'll be your first customer.

    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments


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