Weekly Summer Linky: One item that means the world to me...

I'm back to link up with Monica of I Heart Grade 3 for this weeks summer topic: "One item that means the world to me."

There are so many things that mean the world to me... my husband, family, friends, the little one growing inside me but if I were to pick one possession, I'd have to say it would be my computer.  The reason being is not actually my computer itself but instead the memories it holds in the photo albums stored on my computer.

I have always loved looking at photos.  My parents have boxes of photos, photo albums and numerous pictures all about the house.  It is always fun to browse through the memories and talk about times of the past.  I enjoy seeing photos of my parents as children and of my great grandparents.  The memories and joy that these photos bring is priceless.

Today photo sharing and storing is a little different.  Instead of taking a roll of film to the local drug store, we pop a sim card into our computers and quickly upload and create an album of photos.  Instead of pulling out a stack of developed photos about our recent travels, we open the computer and share our photos through a slideshow.  I like this way of saving and sharing photos but because most of my photos are now digital I always worry about losing them.  I just think about the many photos I have already collected and how I'd be so sad to lose the numerous pictures I have come to love.

Now don't worry, I do back up my computer and I have plans to create some actual hard copy photo books, but until then my computer is "home" to my pictures and they are one thing that mean the world to me.

What item means the world to you?  Head over to I Heart Grade 3 to link up and read what others have to say.

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  1. Hi Kelly!

    Thanks for linking up! I am big into leaving my photos on my hard drive, too! I sometimes feel like my children will grow up to be jpegs! lol! I do have to get scrapbooking and photo developing soon!




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