TPT Seller Challenge Week 2: Dare to Dream!

It's Week 2 of the TPT Seller Challenge and this week it's all about dreams!  It has been so inspiring to read about others hopes and dreams and I am excited to share mine with you all today.

Work From Home:  I started my TPT journey as a way to stay busy and keep me involved in education while I am here living in the UK.  But in these last 9 months I have realized that what started as a "time filler" is actually something that I enjoy doing and I am beginning to see the potential of what it can be.  Plus, with our little girl due in just 5 weeks I can't help myself in thinking that maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to stay home for at least the first couple of years.... or more?!  Who knows what's in store but I would LOVE to have the option there.

Buy a Home:  Next April our little family (of 3!!!!) is set to return to San Diego, California!  I am so excited to move back "home" and to really settle down.  Upon our return we'd really like to buy our first home but if you know anything about living in California, then you know it can be a bit pricey. :/   I have high hopes that WE WILL find a cute little home that's in our budget but having extra cash to add to the fund wouldn't hurt.

Continue to Travel:  Living in the UK has given my husband and I the amazing opportunity to travel all around Europe!  We have seen and experienced so many wonderful places and it has made me want to see more!  I hope in the future we can continue to travel and enjoy all the world has to offer.

Well, I'm off to read about ALL your dreams and link up with these fantastic four!  Dream on!



  1. Hi Kelly!
    I loved reading about your dreams~ Congratulations on that new bundle headed your way! Although my own children are high school and middle school, it would be wonderful to have the flexibiltiy of being home and getting to go to everything they are involved in. I hope your dreams come true!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

    1. Thank you Michele! We shall see what the future holds Ha-Ha!

  2. Hi Kelly!

    Congratulations!! My son is 15 months old, and like you, I wanted to be a sahm while my kids are young. TpT hasn't fully replaced my teacher income, but enough to allow me to stay home and I couldn't be happier about it! I really hope your dreams come true!

    The Purple Teacher

    1. Oh my gosh Linda you have given me hope! Yes, I don't think I'll make as much to replace my teaching salary (although I can dream I will one day!) but with the cost of child care now days I just need enough to make up the difference. :) Thank you so much for stopping by. :)

  3. Love your dream about working from home! I have a little girl due August 1st (our first as well) and I'm taking the year off to stay home with her! I'm just starting to get the hang of TPT so hopefully it will work out for at least a year! Loved reading your dreams!!

    Mrs. Cain's Creations

    1. Stephanie I'm due August 2nd!!! Are you starting to get anxious?! So happy that you will get to stay home. I'm very lucky that while we are still here in the UK I will also get to be home, but come April when we move back the job hunt will be on! :/ Wishing you smooth and safe delivery! Yay for being mommies!


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