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Today I am here to share my latest FREEBIE with you all: A Sample Set of my Word Work Printables!  I posted a few sets in my TPT store a few weeks back, but thought I'd add a sample set so people could try out the pages first.  Be sure to download this freebie from my store.  If you do like the pages, I'd appreciate any and all feedback.  Thanks!

The sets include 3 printables for each included spelling pattern.  These pages could be used in centers, for small group work, as homework, for interventions etc.  Here's a little more info about each activity sheet.

Spin, Find and Trace: Students will spin the spinner, find the word, and then trace it.  *To make the spinner students will need a paper clip and pencil.

Color, Make and Draw: Students will color the spelling pattern words, make words by adding in letters and then read and illustrate three words that include the spelling pattern.

Read, Highlight and Write:  Students will read simple sentences and highlight the  word in each sentence with the specified spelling pattern.  They will then write these highlighted words at the bottom of the page.

Here are the Word Work Printable Sets I currently have available in my store. 

Now be sure to head on over to my store and pick up the freebie.  Happy Monday All!  Have a great week.

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