Winter "Painting"

Hey All!

You might of started to think I'd never return, but here I am and ready to roll!  The husband and I flew home to the states for the holidays so the last few weeks have been filled with family, friends, and fun!  We started out visiting the in-laws in Virginia and then finished up with my fam in sunny California.  It was a perfect trip, but of course not long enough.

Now most of you are in full swing so I thought I'd better hop to it and join in the January fun.
When I was in California I decided to help out in my mom's kinder class and boy am I happy I did!  Uh, can I just take one second to say that my mom is an awesome teacher!  No, I mean really she is AMAZING!  If you're ever in California and want to see an example of great teaching she's definitely one to watch.  While helping out I got to pull her kiddos to complete this simple little winter "painting."

For this painting my mom told her students that they would be painting with "magic water."  Do you know what they used?  Bleach!  Yep, students were asked to paint a winter scene using this magic water and as it dried it suddenly appeared white like snow!  The kids were amazed and had so much fun watching as their "paint" dried.  Now, don't worry I pulled kids in groups of 3 and each had a cup of bleach that only had about a tablespoon in it.  We discussed the importance of not getting the "magic water" on our hands or clothes and carefully used q-tips to paint our pictures.  We had no accidents and each painting turned out super cute!

My mom added these paintings to her winter bulletin board which includes awesome interactive writing about a snowman.  Notice her "Frozen"  reference?  Ha-Ha

Hope your first weeks back are going well!

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