Book Talk Tuesday: November Favorites

Hey There!  Happy Veterans Day and a big THANK YOU to all those who serve our country!

It's book talk Tuesday and today I thought I'd share some November Favs!  I'm so sorry that I don't have the actual books to show.  When I moved over seas I boxed up my class library and gave the boxes to my mom and sister to use in their classes.  I figured, why let fantastic books sit in storage while I'm away?! With that said, I sometimes find it hard to find the book I'd like to share with you all at the base library.  I go every week to see what I can find, but it's a small library so I can't always find exactly what I want.  I do keep my eyes open for newbies though!

Anyway, here's a blurb about a few of my November favorites Just click the pictures to check them out on Amazon!  Have a great day!

Dav Pilkey has created a super fun read that follows the traditional rhyme and rhythm of Twas the Night before Christmas.  In this story eight students go on a field trip to a local turkey farm where they question why the farmer has an Ax.  When they find out why they are filled with sadness and know they must do something to save the little turkeys.  Your students will enjoy the ending to this Thanksgiving book and are sure to ask you to read it again and again!

If you didn't read this story for Veterans Day this year, be sure to pin it for next!  The Wall, by Eve Bunting, is a moving story about a boy who travels with his father to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in hopes of finding his grandfather's name.  The story is written from a young boys perspective and teaches about the significance of this wall.  Be sure to have your tissues nearby for this one!

This next story is a simple counting book all about the First Thanksgiving.  Laura Krauss Melmed has filled this story with rich language and the pictures to match are just magical!  

If you're looking for a book that helps to teach about The First Thanksgiving this might be the one for you!  Although the pictures are minimal and the text more advanced, the story is broken into sections which help teach students about the history of this holiday.  For kinder I'd read it in small sections, draw a picture chart about the information just read, and recap with our own words.  I like how each section starts with a question. 

Looking for another book with information about Thanksgiving?  Try this alphabet themed read aloud.  The story is presented as a school play and is sure to teach your students some facts about Thanksgiving in an easy to understand way.

In November many teachers discuss what it means to give thanks and ask students what they are thankful for.  This story by Margaret Sutherland is perfect for getting the discussion started.  A simple text with a great message.

It's Fall!  This story uses rhyme to teach students all about the fall season.  It includes information on the many changes of fall, including those related to people, plants, and animals.

Woo Hoo!!!! So many wonderful stories to share and read with your students!  This is just a very small sampling of my favorites.  Be sure to link up with Mrs. Jump's Class to find more great reads and of course leave me a comment to tell me about your favorite November read alouds! 


  1. You shared a couple of books I haven't seen before. I added them to my ever growing wish list at Amazon...lol. Thanks for sharing.

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Happy to hear :) I try to post about books I like that aren't the common ones you may see all the time. There are just so many great reads out there and you can never have too many books!

  2. I love Twas the night before Thanksgiving...just read it today! The kids were so worried about the turkeys. We sent home the family project for disguising the turkey this week! Thanks for sharing Kelly!


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