Blog Post Planning & a Freebie!

Soooo...  I really need to get blog post organized.  Over the past week I have felt so scatter brained when it comes to posting and for that reason I haven't really posted.  Ideas for what to post about are always popping into my head but they usually end up scratched on some random piece of paper and then are thrown into a pile kinda like this...

I am so embarrassed!  Just look at that chicken scratch mess!! Ha-Ha The big problem is I generally forget about these ideas or rather I don't want to look through my brainstorming mess to find them.  This leads to sitting down at the computer and thinking...what to post? Also, I really feel that I need to make myself a schedule.  I am a planner!  And currently I don't really have a plan for blogging.  Fail me!

So, as I think you will all agree, it's time for me to get organized.  I whipped up these little printables to help me.  I wanted something SIMPLE nothing too fancy, otherwise who knows if they'd ever get used.  These sheets will allow me to jot down ideas for the month, plan out weekly posts, and brainstorm for the future.  

My goal is to sit down each Friday morning and plan for the next week.  So here is to attempting to stay organized.  If you could use these 3 printables grab them for FREE by clicking below.  Happy Blog Planning!


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    1. Glad to see you like it! I sat down today and planned for next week...so I'm off to a good start. Ha-Ha Have a great weekend.


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