Wordless Wednesday: Home Workspace

Hi Everyone it's Wordless Wednesday and today I bring you this:

That is my office floor.  It looks like this because I spent yesterday afternoon editing my Scarecrow Unit.  Whenever I work on projects I always end up on the floor.  You see that spot up in the top center?  That's where I sit.  I guess I just like to spread things out and have extra space.

Just curious... What does your work space look like?  Do you also spread out on the ground?

P.S. The unit is now finished! So, I guess I better clean up that mess!


  1. I'm the same - I have to spread out on the floor with everything around me. Of course, it means my cats get a lot more involved than I'd like but I have to have everything to hand so it's the only way! (I'm your newest follower!)
    Growing Little Learners

    1. HaHa Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I don't have cats but can only imagine the fun they might have :) Thanks for following!

  2. Looks like tons of awesome ideas going on in that office! Thanks for linking up! :) -Christina

  3. Thanks Christina! And also THANK YOU for hosting a fun link up! :)


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