Five for Friday: Halloween

Happy Halloween!
It's days like today that make me miss being in the classroom even more!  Teaching on Halloween can be so much fun.  The costumes, themed activities, goodies, junk food in the staff room, and excitement make me so happy.  Fellow bloggers please keep posting about your fun filled week and day because I just can't get enough of all your Halloween classroom cuteness.  Oh and the bulletin boards - I die!  I kind of want to make a fake bulletin board wall in my house so I can try out ideas.  Hmmm... that might be weird but then again maybe cool?

So for Five for Friday I'm sharing a few things that I'd love to be doing in the classroom today and some at home Halloween happenings too!

I would love to be in the classroom today playing this movement freeze game with my kiddos.  I can just see them all dressed up "walking like frankenstein" around the room as Monster Mash plays in the background.  Or I'd use these movement cards the entire day as we moved about the room.  For example when moving to centers we'd pull a card and all "move" that way to our spots.  HaHa It'd be so much fun!

 Ummmm.... can you say score?  This little healthy spooky treat is not only yummy, but to make it, the littles would have to listen to directions, order the steps, and then follow their steps to create this cutie. They wouldn't even know they were workin' on listening and following direction skills!  Plus I think the parents would be happy to see this healthy treat alternative. :)

I'd enjoy finishing the school day off with this book!  This is another one of my favorites by Lucille Colandro and this time around it's Halloween themed.  The old lady eats a bat, an owl, a cat, a ghost, a goblin, and a wizard.  The end of this story would be the perfect way to end a Halloween day at school and I know that the rhythm and bright illustrations would keep the kiddos engaged for the last part of this spooky day.

See that bowl of candy?  It was much fuller last weekend.  I told my husband I didn't want to buy candy early because I know I have little self control when it comes to sweets, but did he listen? No. And so now I'm off to the gym before the trick-or-treaters arrive in hopes of burning off these sweets.

As for the hubs and I?  This Halloween will be filled with passing out candy, a pizza, and this Halloween favorite movie.

Don't forget to link up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday :) 

 Wishing you all a fantastic, fun filled day with your littles!  And a safe, Happy Halloween!

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