What am I up to...Centers to the Core!

It's Friday!  You've just finished up another busy fun week of teaching and you are on the verge of enjoying a relaxing weekend, but you have to finish planning and prepping for next week before the clock strikes 5 or at least that is your goal.  Your math center bins are scattered around you and you are filling away at what seems like record speed, but then you get to the last two boxes and realize you still NEED 2 MORE CENTERS!  Ahhhhhh, everything comes to a halt as you start searching for those last two activities.  

I know this feeling all to well and that's why I decided that I wanted to start creating sets of common core aligned math centers based on the main domains.  For me the purpose of these centers is to be standards based aligned and not "theme" aligned so to speak.  I wanted to be able to think of a domain, pull out a packet, browse for the standard I need, and BAM!  Have a center ready to go!  Perfect for those weeks when you just need 1 or 2 more activities.  So I decided to start creating sets of what I call "Centers to the Core."  These sets of math standards will focus on the kindergarten common core domains.  They don't correlate with any specific "theme" although some activities definitely could and they focus on standards from that domain.  My first domain set is now in my TpT store and focuses on: counting and cardinality.

Click Picture to see it in my TpT store :)
I made it so that the set includes a reference sheet which lists each center name, along with the standards the center meets, activity directions, and a supplies needed list for that particular center.  I wanted something that I could easily grab, look for, and find.

In this set I tried to include a few activities for each of the standards in this domain.  Here's a few of the centers that are included...

Alligator Treat K.CC.6

Count! Create! Draw! K.CC.1, K.CC.3, K.CC.4

Skip Count Hat K.CC.1

Pick & Fill K.CC.4, K.CC.4a

Pocket Full of Sticks K.CC.1, K.CC.5

The centers have recording sheets for students to fill in and they vary in that some use number cards, some use manipulatives, and some are just printables.  My plan is to start working on the next domain this weekend and then continue from there in the coming weeks.  Let me know what ya think?  

Enjoy your weekend :)

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