Peek at my Week (5)

Yes, it's Sunday and that means that the weekend is almost over. (almost) Are you all planned and ready for next week?  Here's a peek at what my week 5 plans look like for my "mock" kindergarten year. :)  I have to tell you when I write these posts it's sometimes confusing because I'm not actually teaching at the moment so I feel as if I go back and forth with my grammar.  (Sorry if this is true!) Again these plans replicate what I would be doing if I were teaching.  

For week 5 we'd be focusing on our 5 senses!  I'd have students complete observation charts (love doing these at the start of a new topic), collages, crafts, science stations, and more all around this idea.  Our main story for the week would be The Little Red Hen and we'd wrap up the story by making bread in class. Yum! I like this story because it's great for shared reading and can easily be sequenced by students.  In math we'd continue working on numbers 1-10 and our math tubs would come from the counting and cardinality domain.  I'd include activities where students can practice 1:1 counting, identifying numbers, and writing numbers.

Here's an example of the 5 senses craft we'd do.

HaHa-  As I uploaded this I was cracking up.  Yes, you can laugh too.  It's a good thing I like teaching kindergartners because they don't mind my art skills.  In fact in the past I've been told I'm the best artist they've ever seen!  Gotta love it.   I promise I am working on these skills, but in the meantime this gives you an idea of the craft I'd have them complete.  Before having them complete the craft we'd read a book and hold a discussion using a large anchor chart that'd look similar to this craft.
Click on the image below to grab the print:

Have a wonderful week!

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