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Hi Everyone!

I hope that your week is off to a great start!  I'm thrilled because I finished up my next set of Centers to the Core.  This one focuses on the kindergarten domain Measurement and Data.  I'm really excited for these centers and just wish I had a class to use them in.  Don't worry I've already sent them to my mom and asked her to try them out haha.  She's my guinea pig for all my products at the moment, not that she's complaining.  Now if only I can get her to remember to take pictures; but first I probably need to teach her how to use her smart phone to do so (just playing, sorta).  This is a set of 15 centers!  Yes, that's right 15 fun activities that can be pulled out whenever you're in need of a center from this domain.  And who doesn't love measurement and data fun!

One of the centers I'm excited about is called "Mystery Sort."  For this center you'd prep it by sticking the included title label to a bag and then filling the bag with "some"  item that students should sort.  (This can be anything... buttons, plastic animals, food, counters, colored shapes etc)  Now I'm calling it mystery sort because I like students to know that there is NOT just one way to sort but many.  The Mystery bag label reads "There's not just one way to solve this mystery.  Show me how you sorted these items for a mystery sort award!"   When students go to the center they dump the bag and get to sorting anyway they want!  I think it is so important for students to explore on their own and this gives them an opportunity to sort how they see fit.  It also gives me insight to their thinking.  The recording sheet asks for students to draw out how they sorted and also asks them to attempt to write how they sorted.  For fun I've included a 1/4 sheet award that upon completion I can attach to the recording sheet and send home for parents to see.  It asks parents to ask their child about how they sorted too, which is fantastic because it encourages communication about student learning at home.  Here's a picture...

This set includes a great variety of activities including measuring length, height, weight, and capacity.  It also includes a few sorting activities and even a mini emergent reader called I Can Measure.  Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!  Here are a couple more photos...

Happy Math Monday!

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