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Are you ready for a 3-day weekend?  Monday is Labor Day and I know after the first few weeks of school many teachers look forward to this holiday weekend!  Do you have any plans?  Or maybe just catching up on a variety of things that get put to the side during back to school time?  Whatever it may be I hope you enjoy it!  

As for me I am so excited because my husband and I are heading to NORWAY for the weekend!  This will be our first visit and we will be staying in Bergen.  Right now the weather isn't look to fun with rain and more rain, but we are determined to see as much as we can and enjoy our time there.  We plan to spend 1 day visiting the town, another on a 12 hour Fjord Tour (suppose to be awesome!), and another day hiking one of Bergen's amazing mountains.  It will be a fun filled weekend.  Now I just have to figure out what to pack!

I think I'll have to pull these out!

Before I head out I wanted to do a post on "Family Projects."  A family project is an activity that the student completes at home with their family.  I like to send home a family project each month because I think it is a great way to get the whole family involved!  On my post about first day plans I mentioned that I would introduce students to my "Special Reading Box" and said I would comment more about this later so here we go. 

My August Family Project is a 2 part project which encourages building students excitement to read. It entails finding an at home book nook and creating a special reading box.  I really like this project because students create a special reading box to keep their favorite stories, including the emergent readers that I send home each week after we use them in class.  Below you can see the letter I send home to parents explaining the activity. 

As each project is completed students have the opportunity to bring in their work and share!  They love to talk about what they did and are so excited to see other projects.  When I did this project with my kindergartners the reading boxes they created were  OUT OF THIS WORLD!  I wish I would have taken photos, trust me I kick myself for not.  But really, I could not believe the creativity and effort put into these boxes!  I was proud and so were they.  

Also click the picture below to grab my Freebie at my TPT store: An emergent reader I would use during back to school time called "All Set for School"

Well, I'm off to pack and will check back when I return!  Enjoy your weekend!

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