Back to School Gift Idea

With everyone in back to school mode my teacher heart is missing the classroom HARD!  I can't tell you how much I miss setting up a classroom and all the excitement of what is back to school.  This year with my move back stateside I had originally planned to go back into the classroom, but after much thought and consideration, I have decided to stay home another year with my little girl.  And although I am OH SO GRATEFUL for this opportunity there is a part of me that knows I'm really going to miss not actually being in the classroom again for another year.  I am a teacher.  I miss not being in the classroom.  But I know the years go fast and I LOVE my job at home. :)

With that being said, I am always thinking TEACHER-LIKE and I was browsing the Target Dollar Spot when I came across some adorable reward bracelets.  The ones that caught my eye had motivational quotes on them like "dream big," "never give up," and "yes you can."  This stuck out to me because although these would make great reward bracelets I thought they'd make even better back to school gifts.

It's so important for our students to know that we believe in them and that together we will make the year great.  We are the ones who will be pushing them to succeed and cheering them on the entire way so why not let them know that from the get go.  You can download the gift tag by clicking HERE or on the picture above.  Wishing you all a wonderful back to school! 
And hey if you teach in San Diego I'd be happy to come help you set up your classroom or just chat about school things.... I'm serious.  Ha-Ha

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