How to Plant a Seed {Quick FREEBIE Post}

Hey All!  Just a quick little freebie post because my teacher brain is always on...
Yesterday Riley and I attended our very first mommy and me playgroup!!!  In all honesty I was pretty nervous to go but I am so glad I did!  The moms were really nice and their kiddos were just adorable!!!  I'm positive we'll go back and I'm excited to get the know the mommas and their babes better.  

 At these meet ups they like to have a little activity for the kiddos to participate in and this week it was painting a flower pot and planting a seed.   While the kids were planting away, my teacher brain couldn't help but think how this activity is great for a spring plant theme and how this particular activity could easily be tied in to 'how to" writing!!!  So here's a quick little FREEBIE for you to use if you'd like to do this activity with your kiddos.

And for you info here's a look at what I found at the Dollar Store for garden supplies.  

Happy Teaching!

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