All Star Writer Cup!

Hey there!  Last week my mom and I were chatting teacher stuff when she asked if I had any ideas for how to motivate her kindergarten writers.  She has some really high kids who aren't really working to their potential and other students who need a little push to encourage them to keep working hard.  As I started brainstorming some ideas the V.I.P. Table from The Tattooed Teacher popped in my head!  Have you heard about this motivating classroom management idea?  If not check out her post by clicking HERE, but in short it is basically a table with fun supplies that can only be used by students who work hard and do their best each day..... So I thought why not just tweak this idea on a smaller scale and use it to help motivate my mom's students during writing.

So here is what I call The All Star Writer Cup!  This is a portable cup full of "fancy fun"  writing supplies that a student gets to use during writing time.  So, how does it work?

1. Create a cup full of fun supplies. Add markers, flashy pens, mechanical pencils, twistable crayons etc.  
2. Introduce the "All Star Writer Cup" and hold a discussion about what makes an all star writer.  Chart out student ideas and set your expectations.  (Think a student who is on task, focuses on/achieves THEIR writing goal etc.)
3. During writing time take a mental note of who you think was an "All Star Writer."  Then at the end of writing time announce these writers and tell the class why.
4. The NEXT day the above students get to use the cup! I'd make 3 or 4 just so each gets to use their own special cup!

That's it!

Change it Up
- Have an All Star Writing Table
- Add in different paper (brightly colored, larger, both)
- Do it daily or weekly

If you're thinking about doing this with your littles you can grab the label and paper bracelets for FREE by clicking the image below.

Have a great end of the week!


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