Talk TURKEY to me!

Aright people it's time to talk TURKEY!  With Thanksgiving next week it is the perfect time to bring out the turkey activities and have fun teaching all about these quirky animals.  To get started I always like to see what my kiddos know by asking them "what do you know about turkeys?" and charting their responses on a schema chart.  This is an example of the chart I'd make.  You could draw it out on chart  paper and fill it in with sticky notes or use it with a projector.  I made it in color and black and white. Grab it FREE by clicking the image below.

Clipart by Krista Wallden of Creative Clips and Border by Sandra Macadamias

After charting our schema we'd then read a variety of nonfiction turkey books throughout the week.  We'd add our new learning to the chart and discuss any misconceptions.  Here are my favorite nonfiction choices.

Next I'd have students complete a labeling activity like the turkey one included in United Teaching's Label It set. Check it out by clicking on the cover image below... IT'S FREE!

Lastly, I'm a HUGE fan of tree maps, so for writing I'd pull out my turkey tree map activity set.  We'd get to work filling out what turkeys can-have-are as a class and then students would write their own sentences and complete the turkey craft to attach their writing to. 

The craft can also be used as an add on to make a silly turkey hat!

Do you tie in teaching about turkeys when talking about Thanksgiving?  What kind of activities do you do?

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