Little Boo! Book Activity

BOO!  I am always excited to come across a new story that I know will be just perfect for the season and last weekend I stumbled upon the book Little Boo by Stephen Wunderli.  Have you read it?  Heard of it?

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If not, it is a definite "add to your October collection now" book!  Little Boo is about a pumpkin seed who wants more than anything to be scary but this little guy just can't seem to scare anyone!   The wind tells him to "be patient" and what do you know, over time Little Boo grows and grows.  Finally, he is a big pumpkin and if you haven't guessed,  he is carved into a SCARY jack-o'-lantern.  At last Little Boo is scary.

I kind of fell in love with this story because it hits so many themes.  It's perfect for Halloween, great for a discussion about patience and growing up, plus it is a picture book that includes the lifecycle of a pumpkin.  Seriously, so many things can be done with this easy read.

After reading the story one thing I'd follow up with is a simple text-to-self connection activity and ask students to think of a time when they wanted to do something but couldn't because they aren't big enough yet.  Some examples of things they might say...drive a car, eat ice-cream whenever I want, ride roller coasters, be a doctor etc.  I'd then chart their responses and then have them do some writing.  My writing prompt would be a play on words and say "When I am a jack-o'-lantern ...." and I'd have students fill in their response.  Then I'd add a jack-o'-lantern craft for fun.   It'd make for  an easy display.  Here's an example of what it might look like...
You an grab the writing sheet for FREE by clicking the image below.

Have you read the story?  What follow up activities would you do?



  1. Rwinkle10/25/2017

    I'm an Early Childhood studies student and I chose this book for one of my assignments, it's so fun to read. I love all the way the text is presented. I'm having the children plant their own pumpkin seeds :)


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