Weekly Summer Linky: Teaching Quirk

This weeks topic for the Weekly Summer Link Up with I Heart Grade 3 is a a fun one!

My Teaching Quirk... I know I have one, or two, or three that stand out straight away and I'm sure you do too!  When I was in the classroom my biggest quirk actually occurred everyday before I went home for the night and you could title it "The Lysol Queen."

Each day when the school day ended and the last student was out the door I pulled out my Lysol spray or wipes and went to town wiping down each desk and table surface.  It didn't matter if they "looked" clean or even if we wiped them down with a wet rag just an hour before, I had to do it!  There is just something about a clean  table surface and fresh smell that relaxes me straight away. Ha-Ha   I guess it was my way to officially end the school day and if for some reason I left in a hurry, which didn't happen often, it was the FIRST thing I did when I walked in the door the next day.   
Call me crazy, but I like things clean!

What are your quirks?  Be sure to hop on over to I Heart Grade 3 to share and link up!


  1. You are not alone, Kelly!

    Last year, on my son's school supply list, the teacher asked that each child have 3 packs of Lysol wipes to help clean up and keep germs under control! I think there is a Lysol Queen in every school!

    Thanks for linking up!



  2. I have a super custodian, who I know does this for me each afternoon, often times I am still there to witness it. I totally get it and am right there with ya! Have a great weekend!

    Luv My Kinders

  3. Isn't it so funny how the smell of chemicals can be soothing to a teacher?! Ha!

    Mrs. Cain's Creations

    1. Yes! But I'm pretty sure it's not healthy for us! Ha-Ha


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