Sponge Painted Easter Eggs

I can't believe Easter is Sunday!  Seriously where has the time gone?  Since I'm not in the classroom my mind is pretty much baby this and baby that at the moment so I find myself having "whoa" moments when I realize that the next holiday is already upon us. Yikes!

If you are in the classroom this week I'm sure it's full of spring and Easter fun so I wanted to share one of my favorite, oh so simple, Easter crafts... Sponge Painted Paper Eggs!  Variations of this little number can be spotted all over Pinterest and I love that the finished paper egg can be used as hanging wall art, added to a card, used as a writing prompt or even as an addition to an Easter bag!

So how do I make this craft?

1. Collect these Materials:
- Egg template (Grab various sizes for Free at this website!)  I like to print on card stock for better durability.
- Paint in a variety of colors. (Basic liquid tempera works just fine.)
- Sponges (Cut into various sizes)
- Plates or something to put the paint on.

- Clothespins if you prefer students to not get their hands all dirty. Ha-Ha
- Painters tape if you'd like to add spots, stripes etc.

2.  Prep and Model:

3. Let your students create their own eggs!

4. Let them dry and then cut them out.  Use the eggs as decoration pieces, writing inspiration etc.  Add torn paper or a ribbon bow to dress them up more.  The possibilities are endless!

Click HERE to grab my half page FREE writing sheet.

And that's it!  Use the eggs however you see fit!  This activity is perfect for a simple art center.  Happy Hump Day!

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