Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites: Chapter 5 {Graphic Organizers}

Chapter 5 of Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites is all about graphic organizers!  I am a HUGE fan of graphic organizers and always seem to find some way to incorporate them into my lessons.  I love that they can be used in a variety of subject areas and how they provide students with tools to better understand and connect with content. 

I have used a variety of graphic organizers in my classroom but must say that I am a big fan of tree maps, circle maps, and K-W-L charts.  I always seem to start out a new topic with some kind of "map" and you can be sure to see a variety of organizers present in my classroom at any one time. It feels so good to be reminded that these charts are beneficial!  One thing that I feel I need to improve upon is remembering to have students reference these charts.  I seem to schedule re-visits in, but I think there are times when I could easily turn students attention to these charts in general and to be honest I just forget.  Also I need to try and provide more opportunities for students to complete their own organizers with me.  Wouldn't it be great for them to have their own graphic organizer books??? Here are a few examples of graphic organizers I have used.

What kind of graphic organizers do you use in your classroom?  Be sure to head over to Fabulous in First to link up and read more posts about this great topic. :)


  1. Love your "When I am 100..." graphic organizer idea!

    When comparing Pilgrim Children and Children Today... we sort pictures into a pocket chart. This graphic organizer would be perfect for recording. Did you create it or find it somewhere? I'd love the link to it :)

  2. YES - remember to reference often. That's something I don't do enough of. When I actually DO use a graphic organizer {which isn't as often as I should} it seems that we do them, and forget them and they just become something cute up in my classroom. Thanks for that encouragement!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. Our school's focus is anchor charts...so any new ideas are great! Thanks for sharing! I teach 23 sections of science so my charts go with the class in hopes they connect and refer to them. I have been trying to keep one in class to refer back to, but my small room doesn't have a ton of space to hang everything. Referencing back is so important!

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  4. Hi love your ideas too. Not sure what pictorial input charts are? Could you email me and send perhaps pic? My firsties
    have been loving doing mind maps relating to our story's theme for the week. Each week they ask,"Are we going to do a mind map?"
    They love it and then use it to write from. Their writing is awesome now!


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