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 On my last post I mentioned how I had spent sometime cleaning up my Pinterest boards and I was asked to elaborate a little more on what has and hasn't worked for me so far.  Before I share I'd like to let you know that I still have a lot to learn.  I mean really!   I basically feel like I still have no real understanding about how to truly use Pinterest as a proper marketing tool, but I do feel that I am stepping in the right direction.  Although this might not be true for all, here are some things that have and haven't worked for me so far. 

Things that haven't worked for me:
- Being an active pinner of pinning parties found in the TPT seller's forum.  Honestly this seemed like a great place to start.  I mean I posted a product, pinned someone else's, and they posted mine.  I remember being so excited thinking wahoo my pin was just pinned.  Then I came across a post in the sellers forum regarding pinning parties and it got me searching and thinking.  I soon realized my pins were being pinned to boards full of product covers after covers.  Plus my own feed and boards were becoming full of product covers, many of which may not have even pertained to my grade level or interests.  What had happy to my boards full of ideas I'd actually use?

- Joining TONS of collaborative boards just to join (and have places to pin all the random pins from the above pinning parties).  Yes, I believe collaborative boards are fantastic but I feel I went about it the wrong way.  I just started joining boards and when I went back to look at them realized that most of them were just filled with product covers.  Now I think it's fine to maybe have a TPT board of your own with products you love and that interest you but I found that most of these boards really weren't being looked at for ideas.  This meaning that my pins and others were just sitting there lonely.  So instead I deleted myself from all boards and am starting to join collaborative boards that I really look at.  I want them to be boards with real pictures or activities and not always just a product cover.  Plus they should interest me and resemble me.

Things that are working:
- Cleaning my boards of randomness and getting back to authentic pinning!

- Finding collaborative boards that really interest me and when I look at the board I ask myself is it filled with good pins that I'd use? I'm still trying to learn how do to go about finding these types of collaborative boards and how I can be a part of them.  If you know hoot go about this please tell me! I was thinking of starting my own but we will see.

- Pinning pins from my blog and others blogs.  This is great because I'll pin things that I don't just see in my feed. It seems to add variety and it's way to remember all those great ideas I come across.

- Pinning almost everyday.  Yes, I'm trying to be much better about this!

Well I think that about sums at where I am at in terms of Pinterest and pinning.  I've been searching blogs for tips and tricks about how to pin better and feel like I gradually am.  I will tell you, that after cleaning my boards and getting back to real pinning I have gotten more followers (I know I still don't have many haha) and more of my pins are being pinned.  So I am excited!  Plus it just feels good to pin things I actually like or would try.   Let me know if you have any questions or tips for me.  Thanks All!

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