Getting Crafty in Kinder

Getting crafty with kinders can be a lot of fun but sometimes a simple craft can make you run....  Today I'm here with a little post about how I manage crafts in an early primary classroom.  I truly believe that any group of kiddos can complete a little craft and get your room back into shape when it's all done if you have a plan in place.  Here are two ways that I have done crafts in the past.  Generally speaking I usually pick  2 -3 ways and stick with them for the entire year.  That way students know what is expected of them during craft time.  Here are two examples of how I'd get my class to complete a craft at the same time, not if they were in small groups.

Idea 1: Circle Up! -This approach is very structured and for when a project has many steps or needs to be done just right.

Prior to starting:  Write out the step by step process for how to complete the craft on a piece of chart paper.  Then lay out the craft materials in order and place them somewhere you can easily get to.  

With the Kiddos: Basically for this plan all you do is have your kiddos bring their basic supplies (example: scissors/glue) to the rug and then have them sit in a circle.  From there together read aloud the first step for making the craft.  Next YOU model this step.  Then pass out the material needed for students to complete this step and they complete the step.  Once everyone has completed the first step you move on.  Again, everyone reads aloud the second step.  You then model the step and next students complete the step.  This process continues until the craft is complete.

Why it Works:  Each step is done systematically one by one.  You can easily walk the circle to check how students are doing and identify who needs support. Generally the project is completed in a short amount of time because you all start and finish together.

Idea 2: Craft Bags - This approach gives students more independence. This is the perfect for simple crafts and the materials for this plan are bagged individually for each student.

Prior to Starting:  Write out a simple step by step process for how to complete the craft.  Don't forget to include pictures.  Then prep student materials by placing all materials in a large ziplock bag for each student.  

With the Kiddos: To start gather students in your meeting place and model how to do the project.  Be sure to emphasize reading and following the steps in order.  Then send students to their table spots with a craft bag and let them go to work.  *For this plan be sure to have a designated place for students to place their projects when they are finished and also an "I'm done"  activity so they know exactly what to do.

Why it Works: Students are able to work at an independent pace but materials have previously been sorted and divided so students have all they need at their table spots. This helps minimize the need to walk around.  This plan encourages students to follow steps on their own and to compete a project independently.

I hope this gives you some added ideas on how you might plan craft time in your room.  How do you organize crafts in your class?  Leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. Wow! I haven't thought of completing our crafts in a circle before - Probably because I am just a beginner. This is my very first year of teaching Prep (1st year of Australian Schooling in Queensland) after teaching 2 years on Grade 1.

    Every Friday we have a letter craft time and all the kidlets complete their own.

    My kids do their crafts at their desks, but I have scissors, glue, pencils and anything else they require in little baskets. My TA and I split up the paper resources into group baskets and while I demonstrate the activity, Jenny places them on their tables, along with their glue baskets etc.

    As the students finish their work, they have learned to place everything back in the correct baskets, and throw their rubbish in the nearest bin.

    It has taken the first month to train them up to following this process properly, but they are doing a brilliant job (well, for 4 year olds!)

    I would love for you to pop over and check out the fun we have in Prep at my blog - http://missgibsonsfirstgradefun.blogspot.com.au/

    Thanks for the new ideas!

    1. Sounds like you have everything working for you! Woo Hoo! I definitely think each teacher has their own spin on how to do things and it's important that you stick to what works for you! So glad it is going well. :)

  2. Great post. I pretty much use the circle up approach all the time, we just are in more of a square...lol. This works for me since I am a control freak and then I know everyone is getting it done correctly. I did however, attempt to let the kiddos have control this past Friday. I had the supplies all set up at their table spots, we went over the directions and I let go and just let them get to it. Well, they didn't all exactly follow the directions, however each one is unique and they all had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

    Luv My Kinders

    1. I have to agree that I am a little bit of a control freak too. HaHa But then, just like you said sometimes it's good to change it up and the end result will still be fantastic!


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