Martin Luther King Jr. Freebies

I know many of you are spending the day or week teaching about MLK so I thought I'd pop out a post full of FREEBIES that might help supplement your teaching for the week.

If in the classroom my kindergarten day would definitely consist of these activities:

Read Alouds all About Dr. King

I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Jr.

Reading & Writing Activities

Grab the above FREEBIES HERE!

Social Studies/ Science

Have you heard of the diversity egg activity?  It has to be one of my favorite activities to do when teaching about diversity.  All you need is 2 eggs (1 brown/1white) and a bowl.  To start have students discuss and write/draw how the eggs are different.  Then crack open the eggs and have students discuss what they see!  This is a fun little lesson that helps generate a discussion about how we don't all look the same on the outside but we are the same on the inside.  Here's a little sheet I made to go along with the activity.  To grab it for FREE click on the sheet below.

Graphics by Creative Clips and Border by Sweet Times in First.

After talking about what the dove symbolizes we'd complete this simple peace dove collage that I found on Pinterest.

There are so many more great ideas and pinterest finds out there so be sure to keep your eyes open.  I look forward to reading about your MLK days and happenings throughout the week.  Happy Teaching.

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