H is for...

A Week of Giving Thanks...

Today I am thankful for my home.  If you follow along you know that my husband and I were given the awesome opportunity to move to England for 3 years.  Not only do we have an amazing home here, but we have also been able to travel like crazy because we live here.  This has been UNREAL!  Plus, after 3 years we easily get to move back to our forever home...California. (I know! We've been here a year and a half and sometimes I still don't believe it!)  Sure, we miss family and friends but we both know that this opportunity is once in a lifetime and boy are we making memories to prove it.  I am so thankful!

Want to know what everyone else is thankful for?  Head over to Blog Hoppin' to check out the linky.


  1. How amazing to have that experience!! What a great opportunity. I bet the time goes quickly though as it always does! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You are so lucky! What a wonderful opportunity to experience the world. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!



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