Pumpkins & Halloween!

The last week of October is upon us and like many primary teachers, if I were in the classroom this week, my plans would be filled with pumpkin activities and Halloween fun!  Here are some books, products, and posts that'd help me to plan an engaging, spooky, jam packed week.

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For this week I'd start off with a K-W-L about pumpkins.  I like to know what the little ones know about pumpkins and what'd they want to know.  This of course not only provides insight on what the they already know but it helps me to guide discussions and activities throughout the week. Whenever possible I like to answer their questions as we learn about the topic.  It helps keep kids engaged and is a fun way to wrap up each day of learning.

After an introduction to the theme, the subject areas would be filled with pumpkin type activities. Such as...

Reading:  Both fiction and nonfiction Pumpkin stories.  For both text types we'd focus on story retell.  The nonfiction of course would be retell of facts and these would help tie into our writing for the week.
Writing:  Informational Writing following the can-have-are chart
Math: Review #'s1-10  and Comparing numbers (Pumpkin themed centers) & Pumpkin Investigation Math
Science: Life Cycle of a Pumpkin - Read Aloud, Sequence Story - Cut/Paste
Craft: Sponge Pumpkins
Song/Poem: Five Little Pumpkins
Halloween Dress up Day: Afternoon Halloween Stations instead of a Party

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Your students will laugh the whole way through this funny story by Kevin Lewis.  It is about three siblings who find a great big pumpkin and decide to take it home.  But, when they cut the vine it starts rolling down the hill and then through the town!  The rhyming chorus is fun and the illustrations show great detail.  Check it out :)

Elizabeth King has written this great informational story which includes real color photographs!  A perfect read aloud for teaching about the life cycle of a pumpkin.

If you're planning to do a Pumpkin Math activity then this book by Margaret McNamara is the perfect introduction. 

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Wow!  Can you say Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!  This is just a glimpse at the many wonderful ideas out there and I hope it helps you finish up your plans for the week.  Let me know what you're up to and feel free to put a link to your pumpkin post in the comments below.  
Happy Pumpkin Week!

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