Peek at my Week (8) Magnets!

Hi Everyone!  So I'm a little late, but here is a Peek at what my Week might look like if I were in the classroom.

This week I'd focus on magnets!  I really enjoy teaching about magnets and think it can be great fun for the kiddos.  I think it pairs great with discussing nonfiction texts so we'd dive into learning all about nonfiction text features as well.  I would use posters to introduce the different text features and we'd hunt for these in real nonfiction books.  To guide our discussion on magnets we'd create a whole class K-W-L chart and add to it throughout the week.  Our learning would come from nonfiction books about magnets.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Our afternoons would be spent exploring magnets.  We'd identify what's magnetic and not magnetic, experiment moving objects with magnets, and decide which magnet shape attracts the most paperclips.  We'd even create a magnet robot out of soup cans!  Man, do I wish I were in the classroom.   It'd be so fun!  I created a small set of printables and activities that'd compliment this theme perfectly.  Check them out by clicking on the picture below.

In writing we would really start to talk about how to "fix it up."  We would put our writer's checklist to use and practice re-reading our writing before saying "we are done."  In the past I've used pair work for editing, not so that one is editing the other but so as a student is editing their own work they can talk it out with a partner and do it as a team.  It has worked really well for me and it gets the kids talking.   In math we'd review numbers 1-10 in stations, begin talking about 1 more, and start learning about the number 11.   This week would also be major because we'd be finishing up our first entire alphabet set and I'd begin assessments to see where students were at.  Concepts of print and blending of CvC words would be a major focus all around, as well as identifying beginning sounds.  

Whooo!  I don't know how much more I could pack into a week!  I haven't even completely typed it all out and I'm getting tired.  It truly is amazing how much we educators teach and do each week!  So here's to all of you!  I'm wishing you a wonderful week!

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