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Hope you are enjoying your weekend and squeezing every last minute out of it.  But if you're starting to look at your plans for the week and need some theme inspiration then I'm here with a post for you to read.  Since I'm not in the classroom I decided to change up my "plans"  a bit and instead of creating full weekly plans I'll just be posting about the theme I would be focusing on for the week if I were in the classroom.  For each weekly theme I'm going to include a list of favorite books, tpt product finds, and links to fellow bloggers that are must reads.  Basically this is an inspiration post where I hope to list my favorite theme ideas and finds.  Enjoy!

So today I'm here to talk about....

Graphics by Krista Wallden from Creative Clips: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Krista-Wallden
Like many teachers, I like to teach about bats in October.  Little learners seem to be intrigued by these interesting flying mammals and with Halloween on many of their minds this theme fits in perfectly.  I like to start the week off with bat observation charts.  To do this I find pictures of different things that have to do with bats.  For example maybe a cave, an outline of a bat, picture of things that they'd eat etc.  I tape each picture to the center of a large sheet of paper and then set these out on tables around the room.  When students enter they grab a marker and move from picture to picture adding their own words, sentences, pictures and such, to the chart in response to the question:  What do you see?  Then we gather whole group to discuss their observations.  After our discussion I make a list of what they think our theme is for the week.  They love guessing!  If needed, I provide clues and after a few guesses I reveal our theme!  It's so much fun and really helps students to learn how to make observations.  

After introducing the theme I like to read a story about bats!  Sometimes I start the week with fiction and sometimes nonfiction it just depends what I want to start with first.  The week is filled with bat books galore!  Here are a few of my favorite fiction and nonfiction bat books!

I really like this nonfiction book by Ann Earles.  It is a perfect read aloud for kindergarten or first grade students and provides a simple introduction to bats.  It helps to encourage positive views about these animals and even includes instructions for how to build a bat house!

This is another great nonfiction read aloud by the well known Gail Gibbons.  This book is filled with beautiful illustrations and includes information about the different kinds of bats.

I think we have all read this fiction book!  If not you must go and read it now! Ha-Ha  No but really this is a fantastic story with great embedded lessons about similarities, differences, and acceptance.

A delightful rhyming and counting book by Kathi Appelt.  This story is sure to bring fun and smiles to your class.

There are many, many more bat books out there!  What are your favorites?

For activities and lessons to teach about bats I'd look to TpT.   

Each picture is linked to where it can be found and purchased on TpT.  These are some of my favorite products by fantastic sellers!

Here are some fun math centers from Cara Carroll.

Click Picture to grab this from Cara Carroll's TpT store.

Here is my set of Bat tree map activities!  It includes pieces to make a large class chart, a recording sheet, and a bat craft/writing activity.

Click picture to grab this from MY TpT store.

A super cute bat clip art set by Krista Wallden!

This is Deanna Jump's Amazing Bat Unit!

Click picture to grab this from Deanna Jump's TpT store.

These sets by Kindergarten Printables are perfect for centers, mini-lessons, or homework.  

Click picture to grab this from Kindergarten Printables TpT store.

Click Picture to grab this from Kindergarten Printables TpT store.

A fun bat hat by Robin Sellers.

Click Picture to grab this from Robin Sellers' TpT store.
Is your week starting to fill up with plans?  If not be sure to check out these fellow bloggers who have  awesome posts about bat themed activities.  I know I loved reading about what they do and checking out their products!

Check out this Idea from Jodi Southward from Fun in First Grade: http://fun-in-first.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/more-bat-activities.html

More Ideas from Danielle at Kroger's Kindergarten: http://krogerskindergarten.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/bats-bats-bats.html

Bat Science fun from Reagan at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: http://tunstalltimes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/bat-science.html

Ideas about pumpkins & Bats from Jessica Williamson at Welcome to Room 36:

If you can think of more or have a batty post of your own please leave a comment with your link below.  Happy Bat Week!


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  2. Tons of great ideas for bats. They are on my plan book for the first week of November. Fall break always puts me a little behind on my October themes. Bat Jamboree looks like a super cute book. I will have to add that to my collection. Thanks for sharing so many terrific resources!

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Laura I love reading your comments! Thank you so much for stopping by. Fall break! How nice. Enjoy!

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