Book Talks by Little Learners?

Yesterday I was working hard to finish up this little sight word gem and completely forgot to post for book talk Tuesday with Mrs. Jump's Class.  So Sorry!  But, it's ok because it got me thinking about book talks and then an idea popped in my head.  It was one of those "Oooooo, I gotta try that with my class moments."  So here's the idea...

I love doing book talks.  Not only do I enjoy writing about my favorite books on this blog, but I also like to give book talks in class.  Yes, even with Kindergartners!  So why do I love book talks?  Well I think...

1. It encourages discussions about books.
2. Brings awareness to different types of books.
3. It models how to talk about a book without giving the ending away.
4. It helps the us to think about a book. 
5. It motivates readers.
6. And builds excitement for reading!

What's not to love!  Now in the past I have followed the reading workshop model and the idea of book talks fits in perfectly.  I have known upper elementary teachers to allow their students to join in on the fun and give book talks of their very own, however I have never seen it done with the little ones.  Then I started thinking.  Why not let kindergarteners give book talks of their own?!  It would be so much fun and I know my past students would have LOVED to do this.  

Early on in the year I encourage discussions about books.  For example, when talking about our class library we discuss the importance of book categories and then to go along with this we create a class chart kinda like this:

This chart of course would be much larger.  I just whipped up a mini example to give you an idea.  Basically we host a discussion about the types of books we like and students add their names to the categories. Every once and awhile we come back to the chart to move our names, add more categories, or just hold a discussion about what topic is most popular.  Thinking about this chart and book talks led me to this idea of Kindergarten Book Talks.  

How would I do this?
First of all I would plan to do student book talks once a month.  The first two months would be done whole group style with interactive writing and then students of course would do the sharing to practice.  After that the book talks would be hosted in small groups where each student would share out and talk about their book choice.  To help prepare students for book talk day and to gather their thoughts, I created a little printable book.  This book would be used as a guideline for the whole class practice as well.  

Here's how I'd set it up.  You can download the printable book for free by clicking the image below!

Day 1: Pick out your favorite book from your book basket and re-read.
Day 2:  Fill out the "This book is about..." page according to the class categories we've talked about.
Day 3: Draw/write about why you like the book.
Day 4: Tell us which page your favorite part is on.
Day 5: Book Talk Day!  Students are put in small groups and have time to share out their books. (you choose how to make groups - maybe according to categories and student likes)

Fonts and Graphics by:
Krista Wallden of Creative Clips: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Krista-Wallden 

I think this would be a great opportunity to not only get little ones excited about books, but it also encourages communication and presentation skills!  

Do you know any early primary teachers that do this?  If so,I'd love to hear how and if not what do you think of the idea?  Would you try it?

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