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If you're doing writer's workshop in your kindergarten classroom and you follow the Lucy Calkins (*side note - I LOVE HER) model then you're probably about to dive into the "launching"  mini lessons.  These mini lessons are great because they focus on getting your little learners ready to write and help to encourage them to play with print.  One of the very first mini lessons in this section, and one of my favorites, is about labeling! 

  Labeling is a great strategy and I find that many kindergartners often LOVE to label once they know what labeling is.  As with many mini lessons I like to start off with a class anchor chart.  Here's a look at what my anchor chart might look like for labeling.

I'd first explain what labels are and how they are helpful.  We'd discuss where we might see labels and I'd share some examples of pictures with labels.  After this discussion I'd have my class practice labeling together. A really fun way to do this is to have them actually label you.  Yes, I said YOU.  Grab your post-its, a marker, and watch your students have fun and learn as they cover you in post it notes.  I saw this fantastic idea on Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten blog here: 
When I taught kinder I did this and I must say my kinders went bonkers!  They absolutely loved it!  If you've never done this - TRY IT!

After doing the above activity I'd send students to draw and label a picture of themselves.  I'd have a list of simple words printed on a sheet that students would cut out and paste on their finished drawing. We'd wrap up by sharing our pictures with each other and reviewing what a label is.

Now, although I generally introduce labeling during writing workshop time, it is not something we'd just do during this time.  This is a great skill to practice throughout the year during various times.  It can be a great way to introduce and practice important vocabulary and is the perfect activity to include in a science or social studies unit.  Here is an example of a family themed labeling sheet I've used:

This activity can be found as part of my family unit HERE at my TpT Store.

This particular activity is very simple and so is the vocabulary, but it'd be perfect for students to complete independently or as part of a writing center.  My focus for this would be more on practicing the skill of "labeling" and not so much the vocabulary but I'm sure if students completed this they would refer to this sheet for writing as well. :)

And for added practice why not send this note home with post -it notes.

This activity will help reinforce the skill of labeling and can be a lot of fun!  I've also thought about having students take a picture of a room in their house and then labeling it.  Then have students bring these sheets into share and bind them together to make a class book.

  How do you teach labeling in your class? Happy Hump Day!

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