Five for Friday & TpT Sale!

Wahoo!!!  Another Friday is here so of course I'm linking up with doodle bugs teaching for....

Get ready because this week I've got a whole lot of randomness coming your way.  So let's get started!  First up these things?!  

These are actually plant labels!  I was walking through poundland (the UK equivalent to a dollar store) when I spotted a 20 pack for just 1 pound!  I knew they were a score because right away my mind started thinking about all the ways I could use them and they were so cheap.  Possibilities for use include sight word sticks, bookmarks, reading guides, in centers etc.  Seriously there are so many ways!  They are plastic, sturdy, and labels could easily be applied.  Also the bottom isn't really pointy like the picture shows, it's actually pretty dull which is great.  But they are perfect for little hands to hold onto.  How would you use these?

Next up a sweet picture from my mom!  Like I mentioned in an earlier post she is an AMAZING kindergarten teacher (where do you think I learned all my tricks -haha) and lucky for me she uses my products in her class!  Here's a look at an ordering by height activity from My Family Unit.  She turned it into to a pouch for their grandparents/family day activities.

So fun!

Number 3 is of course fall themed!  I've been working on my pumpkin unit this week and should have it finished and posted by Sunday.  This unit is going to include math, literacy, and science activities and is full of fun.  Here is a sneak peek at my "Where is the bat"  prepositions book.

This is a simple emergent reader which includes the prepositions above, on, behind, next to, and under.  The bat is attached to a string so that students can manipulate the bat as they read.

For number 4 flights are booked and so the countdown is on!  The hubs and I will be traveling to Sweden in just 2 weeks.  I am so excited and can't wait to explore!

Number 5 is for YOU all!  I am so excited because I finally reached 20 followers on pinterest!  (And I'm only 1 away on TpT) Wahoo!  Now I know that this isn't much but hey it's only been a little over a month so it's a start!  And if you're not following my blog, TpT store, or pinterest you're always welcome. HaHa  Anyway in celebration my Tpt store is 20% off from now until Sunday at Midnight!  Check it out!  Click below to go to my store :)

I have to say its been a great week!  I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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